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This Post a Job form is intended to provide an easy and convenient way for employers to communicate with the college's two placement offices to find qualified candidates for their job openings.

LaGuardia Community College enrolls over 30,000 students a year in an array of associate degree, certificate and continuing education programs.  Our students are diverse and capable.  Many of our students, plan to continue study toward the baccalaureate degree at a four-year college and others are seeking to immediately embark on a career.  Other students are entering the labor market for the first time and others are returning to the labor market after long absences.

LaGuardia, in an attempt to assist all students in their employment needs, promotes the dynamic interplay between the classroom and the work place through the offerings of our Cooperative Education Internship Program.  Through co-op internships, students hone the array of skills necessary for a full life of work, service, and personal growth.  LaGuardia's growth over the past twenty-eight years to become the largest Cooperative Education Community College in the U.S. with the largest Division of Adult & Continuing Education in the City or the State University systems has been built on more than sixty thousand successful internships and job placements with over three thousand companies, corporation, agencies and organizations  throughout New York City.

Let the Department of Cooperative Education or the ACE's Employment & Career Services Center, help you meet your long or short-term staffing needs. 

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John Shaia (718) 482-5980 (718) 482-2099
Marilyn Ramirez (718) 482-5235 (718) 609-2066
Sharon Long (718) 482-5974 (718) 609-2066
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